Adult Dance & Music Classes

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Location Abbreviations
  • BRRC - Burns Road Recreation Center
    4404 Burns Road
    Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
  • Lakeside - Lakeside Center
    10410 North Military Trail
    Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
Women tap dancing during and adult tap dance class.

Adult Tap - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Bring your tap shoes and join us as we develop rhythmic skills, precision and musicality. Basic Beginner Tap is an entry level beginner class.
  • Age: 18 and older
  • Drop-in Resident /Non-Resident Fee: $12 / $15
  • Location: BRRC
  • Instructor: Donna Morgan
Code Class Day Date Time R/NR Fee
131102-5B  Intermediate  Wed  May 3-31  12:45-1:45pm  $50/$63 
131102-5A  Basic Beginner  Wed  May 3-31  1:50-2:50pm  $50/$63 
131102-5C  Intermediate/Advanced  Sat  May 6-20  9:50-10:50am  $30/$38 
131102-5D  Advanced Beginner  Sat  May 6-20  11am-Noon  $30/$38 
131102-5E  Basic Beginner  Sat  May 6-20  12:10-1:10pm  $30/$38 
231102-1A  Intermediate/Advanced  Sat  Jun 3-24  9:50-10:50am  $40/$50 
231102-1C  Advanced Beginner  Sat  Jun 3-24  11am-Noon $40/$50
231102-1B  Basic Beginner  Sat  Jun 3-24  12:10-1:10pm  $40/$50 
231102-2A  Intermediate/Advanced  Sat  Jul 8-29  9:50-10:50am  $40/$50 
231102-2C  Advanced Beginner  Sat  Jul 8-29  11am-Noon  $40/$50 
231102-2B  Basic Beginner  Sat  Jul 8-29  12:10-1:10pm  $40/$50 
231102-3A  Intermediate/Advanced  Sat  Aug 5-26  9:50-10:50am  $40/$50 
231102-3C  Advanced Beginner  Sat Aug 5-26  11am-Noon  $40/$50 
231102-3B  Basic Beginner Sat  Aug 5-26  12:10-1:10pm  $40/$50 

Adult Ballet

Learn the fundamentals of classical ballet technique, including barre exercises and center practice, to acquire harmony and expressiveness of movements with grace and agility.
  • Age: 16 and older
  • Location: BRRC
  • Instructor: Carla Lewis
  • Drop-in rate: Residents $14 / Non-residents $18
Code Day Date Time R/NR Fee
CANCELED Wed  Mar 29-May 24  5:55-7:10pm  $108/$135 
Canceled Classes
Many classes are canceled due to low enrollment. If you are interested in taking a class that has been canceled, please email the Recreation Division or call 561-630-1100 and put your name on a list to let us know that you are interested in that class. Once we have enough people to hold the class, we will try to restart that class.